Spare parts production

We will produce spare parts based on your 3D model or reverse engineering processes. These will look just like the original parts. We will choose the material and the production technology to achieve the desired physical and mechanical properties and if needed we will do the surface treatment too.

We will help you to replace the damaged parts which you can not buy any more

Spare parts ready to use made by FDM 3D printer

How do we produce the spare parts

If the desired spare part is not damaged and you want more then just one piece, we will make a mould out of it. Then we will create copies out of the mould.

You need just 1 or 2 pieces or the desired spare part is damaged? Never mind. We will first measure it carefully and build a precise 3D model out of it. You can send us your spare part by post or bring it with you to our showroom. Then we will print it on a 3D printer and do the surface treatment.

Original broken spare part no longer in production
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The new spare part may undergo the surface treatment

Even though we are dealing with spare parts here, sometimes a complete surface treatment may be required - especially for those parts which form the outer surface of a product.

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The size does not matter to us

We can produce spare parts to whatever size you require.

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Quality over the price

Our main criteria are the quality, functionality and appropriate material. The spare part has to work just as good as an original piece.

3D model of a spare part created by our technician

What do you need to make a new spare part?

To be able to make a perfect spare part, we need to know how it should look like and what are the required properties. In an ideal case, we will get a damaged or complete original part.

In a case when neither of those options is available, we will create our own 3D model of a spare part based on an original, sketch, technical drawing, photo or link from internet. This 3D model has to be very precise and carefully executed so that it will fit perfectly. The time spent on this will be reflected in the price we charge here.

Technical blueprint created by our technician

Is this the right solution for you?

It is understandable that the price of a new spare part is very important for you. So we advise you to decide whether if it makes sense for you before purchasing this service.

The overall price is likely to cost a few thousand CZK and we would not expect it to exceed 10000 CZK even when it comes to producing just one piece. The price depends on the complexity and the size of the part. You have to understand that this is a tailor-made spare part for you and the price will never be the same as the mass production price.

Reengineering makes sense if you need to get several pieces of the same spare part as the price decreases with the quantity produced. It can prove to be the ideal solution in a case where it is a unique part which is not sold anymore or not sold on its own.

Get in touch with us

Write to us and let us know which spare part you need and send us all the data you have. We will get back to you with the price offer and if you will like it, we will start with the production immediately.

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