Let us materialize your visions

Let us bring your ideas into the tangible world!

We will fine-tune your product to perfection and help you to verify the potential demand before you invest in any large-scale production.

We will help you with the product development and manufacturing from the first sketch to the prototype and the small-scale production.

Our unique know-how and wide possibilities of 3D printers based on diverse technologies are at your disposal.

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3D print without a surface treatment - super-hero mask printed on the Zortrax 3D printer

We will find the best solution for you

Thanks to our vast know-how we are able to offer you a solution even in those situations where other companies are unable to help.

It does not matter at which stage of product development you have reached we will cooperate with you. To achieve your goal is our top priority.

You will not find the words “it is not possible” or “we do not know” in our vocabulary. We do not limit ourselves to 3D printing only. If your problem requires a different type of technology, we will use it.

Who is behind it?
A fully functional prototype of a mechanical robotic arm with complete surface treatment - printed on an FDM 3D printer

Product design

I need help with the concept of my product

I know what functionality it needs and I have an idea of how it should look like. I need you to give my vision a clear appearance.

Give my vision a form

3D print

I need to print my product fast and without a surface treatment

A rough product without a perfect surface is satisfactory for me. I want to check my first concept or to choose from different variations the best one for the further surface treatment.

Print out my product


I need a true mock-up for the testing or marketing

I want to use the mock-up to test the demand or to use it in marketing. It has to look nice and like a real product. I do not require any functionality.

I want a mock-up


I need a prototype

I want to get a fully functional prototype that I can show my customers or investors. It has to act and look just like a final product. But I still require the possibility to improve my prototypes easily.

I want a prototype

Small-scale production

I need to have flexibility in manufacturing my final products

The prototype is finished and approved. Now I want to start small-scale manufacturing. I require the flexibility to change the number of products delivered, to modify the final product or to create limited editions.

Start the small-scale production

3D printer to lease

I am considering buying a 3D printer

I think a 3D printer could help us but I am not sure. A new 3D printer requires a substantial capital investment so I want to try it first.

I want to lease a 3D printer

Our clients


Come and get inspired

Come and visit our showroom in Palmovka Prague and discover our work. You can touch everything and experience the production process.

We guarantee that you will leave feeling inspired and full of new ideas on how to use our know-how in your business.

Call us on +420 725 445 255 or email us at sales@cotu.cz.

Come and visit our showroom
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