About us

We are helping creative people and companies to turn their ideas into real products.

We can´t wait for you to approach us with something new. We love challenges. Innovation is our passion and we immediately start to think how we will deliver it to you.

We are inventing and innovation freaks looking for new ways of manufacturing.

Showcase of raw 3D print without surface treatment - part of an artificial arm

We started with our own product design

The first blueprints looked amazing. Initially when we wanted to move from the drawing stage to the mock-up or a prototype stage but we stumbled.

We found out very soon that to create something like that was not at all easy. We received replies from companies saying they are not able to do it or it was way too expensive.

After a lot of thinking, we realized that buying a new 3D printer would be the best and most financially effective solution.

Then we faced another issue. A 3D printout is useless without proper surface treatment and impossible to use to build a mould. What an interesting challenge. We decided we will solve it.

After many tests and experiments, we finally mastered the 3D printouts surface treatment to perfection, exactly how we needed it.

3D model of a radio-controlled wind sailer - our own product and design

The same issue must be facing other creative companies

As we solved so many issues, we learned how to use many new technologies and invested a great deal of money in it. We realized we possessed unique know-how.

We realized that we could help other companies, product designers and creative individuals to bring their ideas to the market faster and cheaper.

What do we offer?
Prothetic palm without a surface treatment - printed on the Zortrax 3D printer
icon hands
icon hands

How can we help you?

  • we will help you to bring your product to the market faster
  • we will decrease your product development costs
  • we will help you to find the best solution which does not have to be 3D print-based
  • we are able to help you with all the product development stages
  • get the access to our know-how - we are the best on the market in 3D printouts surface treatment
  • we will print for you on almost any kind of professional or industrial 3D printer commercially available.
icon scales
icon scales

Our values

  • we enjoy participating in the innovation process - we want to be there when a new product will be created
  • we do not use the word “I don´t know” - we will never to tell you that we are unable to manufacture something
  • we are always looking for the best possible solution - we do not limit ourselves by the technologies we are currently using
  • we are constantly following the latest trends and development in the world of 3D printing as it fascinates us
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Check out the video of how our company was created. We are widening our offer and today we are able to deliver a complete service from the rough 3D print, the mock-ups and prototypes to the small-scale manufacturing, product design and 3D printers lease.

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