Small-scale manufacturing

Are you planning to bring your own product to market? You do not want to wait months for it and you can not afford the large investment needed related to the cost of mass production?

By using the small-scale manufacturing you will be able to deliver your own products to the market in a relatively short space of time. You can change at anytime the quantity produced in line with the demand you have and you can also change your product appearance in line with the feedback you have from real customers.

Silicone mould to manufacture the virtual reality glasses chassis by casting out of polyurethane made out of a 3D printout with a complete surface treatment

The product of Small-scale manufacturing is the same as a prototype

Have you used our Prototype service? The result of Small-scale manufacturing will look just the same. It will have the same functionality and properties.

The final product will be made of plastics which can be colourful or transparent. Its surface does not have to look like plastic. We will smooth the surface and paint it by the colour of your choice.

Final product - the virtual reality glasses - cast in a silicone mould
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Fast production start

We will start your production within 2 months or maybe less and we will help you to deliver the required quantity so that you do not have to pay for a larger quantity when it is not necessary.

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Sell limited editions

To make changes to your final product is now very easy. Create limited editions for exhibitions or promotional events. Customers love them so don´t be afraid to be creative.

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Our production capacities are at your full disposal

We are prepared to fulfil even more complicated small-scale manufacturing. We are capable of manufacturing several hundred pieces a week.

Choose the best way to deliver your products

  • Delivered all at once
  • or a certain amount each week

The second option maybe better for you as it will save your cash-flow and lessen the need for storage. In the case of the latter you do not pay for all the products at once but in monthly instalments for the quantities delivered.

We are able to adjust to the market demand for your product. If the demand is high, we will scale the small-scale manufacturing. And vice versa.

An instrument to select electrical wast with a complete surface treatment - an example of small-size manufacturing made on 3D printers

You can change the product specifications anytime during the production

One of the great advantages of small-scale manufacturing is that you can change your product specification at any time even in the middle of a manufacturing process.

You may find that part of your product needs to be adjusted based on your customer feedback and needs to be more ergonomic? No problem! We will adjust the 3D model to accomodate your needs within a short time scale and you will the improved product you require.

It would be virtually almost impossible to do this in the mass production process and the cost would be very high.

Start to manufacture fast and cheap

Do you want to bring your product to the market as soon as possible? Do you want to have the ability to dynamically change the design and the quantities delivered based on demand, cash-flow and the storage area available to you?

Small-scale manufacturing is then the right solution for you.

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