Product design

Have you come up with an innovative concept which you want to transform into a real-life product? Do you have only a rough idea of how it should work and what it should look like?

Are you looking for someone to transform your concept into a precise blueprint? And then later on into production?

We will give your idea a proper form and based on your requirements we will create a product design ready for the production. We will combine the functionality and aesthetics and draft a product which will charm your customers.

3D model of a radio-controlled wind sailer - our own product and design

What is the product design?

The role of a product designer is to find the best technical solution for your concept and give it an attractive appearance with the best ratio of price/quality, desired materials, endurance, ergonomics, and other factors.

At the same time, the product designer is looking for such an aesthetical solution which will make the product more attractive and will help to increase the demand as your customers will want to buy it.

Product design of an electronic scale
icon clock
icon clock

We see the product design in its complexity

We see your concept through the eyes of an engineer and technician as well as a creative product designer.

icon gears
icon gears

We can work with any source

It can be a sketch, 3D model, photo, visualization, verbal description, in print or digital form.

icon drawing
icon drawing

We will help you with the production and market launch

When you have a final product design ready, we will build the mock-ups and prototypes for you and can even start the initial production if required.

We will give your concept a definite form

We will draw up several blueprints for your new product and will prepare all the documentation needed for the production.

We provide a complete service. We will create a professional product design which will fulfil your requests on aesthetics, functionality, manufacturability, manufacturing cost and so on.

We always respect the constructional possibilities and are building the blueprints in line with the technologies, production cost and desired manufactured quantity.

3D model of a chocolate bar to 3D print a matrix to produce silicone mould

What will you get from us?

At the end of the whole product design process, you will receive fully complete blueprints and visualization of your new product. You can use them further for manufacturing, attracting investors or participating in special startup competitions.

You will get the blueprint professionally elaborated into a 3D model in the desired format which you can then utilise during the manufacturing process (3D printing, milling, casting, mould creation).

Let´s give your idea a proper form

Contact us and let´s set up a time for a face to face meeting to discuss your idea and your requirements and expectations related to your final product.

We will give your new product a unique form which will be functional and will attract both new and existing customers.

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