We will make a perfect mock-up / model looking exactly like your final product which you can use for the market research or user testing.

The mockup will help you when you need to prepare marketing materials such as professional photos or videos.

2 precise mockups of a glass bottle for a soda with a complete surface treatment

A Mock-up is a genuine reflection of your final product

The only thing that is missing is the functionality. A mockup can be used for the market research and user testing of your product but it is not suitable for testing the functionality

If you need to test the functionality of your product, choose our Prototype service. The Prototype will look and function just like the final product.

Chassis of virtual reality glasses printed on a 3D printer
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A Mock-up has a perfect surface treatment

Unlike a 3D printout a mockup´s surface is fully smoothed exactly how you would like it to on your final product.

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icon gears

A Mock-up represents your final product

It will allow you to receive the customer feedback very early in the product development process. You can also use it for marketing purposes too.

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icon drawing

You will receive your Mock-up within 1 to 3 weeks

It always depends on your requirements such as the shape and size and how hard it is to assemble it. A very basic mockup can be produced within a week. More complicated ones can take up to 3 weeks.

Choose the surface appearance

A mockup is made of plastic but it may not look like it. We are able to imitate the appearance of various materials such as:

  • metal
  • glass
  • ceramics
  • enamel

We will use the colour that you choose.

4 small TVs - chocolate bars mockups made of various materials made by casting or CNC

Exhibit your product in a professional way

By using a perfect mockup you will have a unique opportunity to collect valuable feedback on your design from your potential customers. A mockup will allow you to work on your marketing materials straight away without you having to waste your valuable time waiting for the actual production.

Technical limitations for 3D printing

Come and visit us in our showroom

Are you still uncertain as to whether your problem can be solved by a mockup?

Come to our showroom in Prague and see firsthand our work. We are looking forward to showing you how we will create your own mockup.

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