With this service, you will get a final and fully functional prototype which you can use for the functionality or demand testing and for the marketing product presentation.

You will be able to bring your product to the market faster and discover all its flaws before you will start the serial production.

A prototype of the scales - 3D printout with a complete surface treatment combined with CNC made metal parts

Prototypes for everyone

By using 3D print we will build a prototype of your final product which will be surface treated to your requirements and needs.

We do not limit ourselves to the 3D print only. If using other methods of manufacturing are a better choice, we will use them. We are cooperating with various business partners to widen our possibilities and have access to a variety of modern technologies.

A fully functional prototype of a mechanical robotic arm, parts printed on an FDM 3D printer
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A Prototype is fully functional

Unlike a mockup, a prototype is fully functional and looks exactly like a final product made by small batch production. It looks and does everything the same as a final product.

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Develop new products fast - rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping will help you to see and test the result of your ideation. You will be able to implement the changes based on the customer feedback in a fast and easy way unlike before.

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Final prototype within 2-6 weeks

The delivery is dependent on the complexity of the prototype. Usually, we get it done within 2-6 weeks.

What will the prototype look like

The prototype will be made of plastic but unlike the Mock-up, it can be made of several pieces.

Although the prototype is plastic, the surface may look completely different. We offer you these surface treatments:

  • metal
  • glass
  • ceramics
  • enamel

We will use the colour that you choose.

A fully functional prototype of a mechanical robotic arm dismounted with a complete surface treatment

The prototype can have other uses as well as product development

As the prototype is fully functional, you can use it to test the real customer demand. You will find out how easy it is to use it and whether there is a real demand for it. You can also use it to see if it makes sense to start the production and also to test the market to give you an indicator as to how much you are likely to sell.

It will be much easier to get your investors excited as they will prefer a fully functional prototype over an intangible 3D model or even a mockup.

Let´s start to work on your new prototype

To get a better picture about what we can do, come and visit us in our showroom close to Prague city centre. You will see firsthand what we can produce along with the many different prototypes we worked on . You will be able to see and touch various prototypes. It will also give you a very good idea of how your prototype will look like.

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