3D print

3D print will transform your idea into a tangible object in an easy and cheap way.

This service provides a raw 3D printout without the surface treatment. It is ideal if you want to touch the initial concepts of your product or get a cheap spare part and the smooth surface is not the major priority.

2 miniatures of the statute of David with a simple surface treatment printed on an FDM 3D printer

How does a 3D print work

We are always using professional or industrial grade 3D printers based on various 3D printing technologies:

The most commonly used FDM 3D print, stereolithography - a very detailed DLP 3D print, SLS (powder) 3D print, metal print, multi-jet fusion 3D print offering to print very difficult objects, ceramics 3D print or micro metal 3D print.

You can choose from a wide variety of colours and your printout can be transparent or biocompatible.

4 beehives - an example of an ultra-detailed 3D print made of various resins
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If you do not have a 3D model, we will create it for you

We will use your data, photos or even simple sketches to create an accurate digital 3D model of your product.

If you do not have a final concept, our Counselling service will give your idea a clear shape.

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What does the 3D printout look like?

The surface of the 3D printout is raw and not smooth. Hence we do not recommend using it for marketing purposes.

For marketing purposes use our Mock-up service. If you desire the full functionality, choose the Prototype service.

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Final printout within 48 hours

The 3D print is our fastest service and we can usually deliver the 3D printouts within 48 hours.

How much does the 3D print cost?

The price of a 3D printout is always individual. It is influenced by various factors such as the size, the complexity of shape, your chosen material and the quantity.

We are happy to prepare you an individual price offer once you send us your 3D model.

I want to know the price of my 3D print
Mould for small-size manufacturing printed on a DLP 3D printer

Let´s bring your product to the world

Is everything clear? Do you have an idea of how our service will help you? Great! Contact us and let´s get to work.

Technical limitations for 3D printing

Come and visit us in our showroom

It is often best to see for yourself what we have to offer and decide which is the right way forward for you.

It will be a pleasure to meet you in our Prague showroom and show you firsthand what we are able to offer you.

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