Asiga 3D printers

Are you a jeweller, designer or an architect? Or are you running a dental laboratory or specialised audiology practice? Are you professionally dealing with the prototyping, model building or creating models for moulding in small batch production up to several hundred pieces?

Then you expect optimal quality, operational efficiency and the highest possible return on your investment. The ideal solution for you will be the professional and highly reliable desktop 3D printers made by the Australian brand Asiga.

Various models of Asiga printers

Ultra-detailed 3D print by using DLP

It is one of the technologies of the 3D print under the stereolithography. Asiga 3D printers are using the DLP (Digital Light Processing) method with an HD projector to cure photosensitive photopolymer/resin.

The DLP method is faster and more precise than the historically older laser-based stereolithography as the whole layer is cured at once, unlike the classical laser which cures point by point.

DLP is a great solution for different sized products with small details. The 3D printouts do not require any additional surface treatment just a minimal surface treatment. To change a projector bulb is far cheaper and easier than laser replacement. The dimensional precision is maintained within the whole printed area.

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Dental printouts made on Asiga 3D printers
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A specialized solution for every situation

There are many Asiga 3D printers available in different model lines. Each of them having many individual models to satisfy different resolution needs, UV light wavelength and the building chamber. So they adjust to the needs of different industries.

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Precise 3D print

Outstanding resolution and precision in X and Y axe, exceptional resolution of 1 µm in axe Z and highly powerful LED diodes for the unbeatable speed of the 3D printers are making it the best choice for professionals across various industries.

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You can work with a wide spectrum of materials

All the Asiga 3D printers allow you to use Asiga’s own materials as well as 3rd party materials. These include biocompatible resins used in medicine or the dental industry. You will get maximum flexibility, operational efficiency and a wide range of use

Compatibility and support

To further work with the data in STL format and to prepare your 3D print, you will get free access to the highly efficient and intuitive software application Composer.

Asiga 3D printers are fully compatible with the leading 3D scanner producers and specialized CAD solutions both of which we are offering too.

We are offering electronic and phone-based support when you buy Asiga 3D printer from us. We have been using them ourselves for several years now and as professional consultants, we are able to answer all your technical queries.

Hearing aid made on Asiga 3D printers

High quality and precision 3D print available to you

Get in touch with us to arrange an appointment in our showroom which is in the wider city centre of Prague. Come and see what you can create by using Asiga 3D printers.

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Master model of a ring made on Asiga 3D printers

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